eCNI vision is to make IT software and support affordable to anyone.

eCNI stands for
eConsutantsNetwork-International &


eCNI defines quality by customer satisfaction. We stick to TQC & CMM.
eConsultantsNetwork International, Serves its customers at its utmost level. We are available for you for 24 hours on every
single day of the year!

As a customer you receive our superior software systems as totally free loaners. We generate our revenues (income) with
maintenance & support fees.

That is all you need to pay for. It explains that your satisfaction is key to us!

Our Smart Systems are :
SSS Smart Selling System © which supports back-office and field sales teams. It will boost your sales!
SAS-RE Smart Agency System, Real Estate © consultants who bring searching persons & offering parties together
SAS-HR Smart Agency System, Human Resources © consultants who bring job searches & job offering companies together
PMS-ORG Performance Management System © optimization of change processes and efficient corporate communication
PMS-SWI Performance Management System, © Software Implementation cost reduced SW development andusage
eConsultantsNetwork offers customization & modification for all system solutions according to your needs.
We apply Indian labor rates only. We support you directly out of India, without any markups in your country.

Our Smart Tools are :
AeM Authentic-e-Mail ® absolute security and privacy (you can continue to use your preferred email address & provider)
eFAX email-based-FAX © substitutes the telephone lines by internet connections (contents are encrypted)
SM Scan Master © app makes the daily filing of scans fast and easy and provides user interface for all scanners

Many more Smart Tools are continuously developed. They are available for fees of about 1$ or 1€ month / user (pls. ref. to downloads).

Please spend some minutes on our web pages and/or contact us via telephone, Skype or email.
Raj Kansara,
General Manager & Company Owner
eConsultantsNetwork International